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Thank you for using “Alivelive” software and our related services!

We take the protection of users’ personal information very seriously and we will treat such information in a diligent and prudent manner. “Alivelive” may collect and use your information when you use “Alivelive” services (including “Alivelive” website at and “Alivelive” software). “Alivelive” wishes to explain to you through this Privacy Policy, on how “Alivelive” collects, uses, stores and shares the information when you use “Alivelive” service, as well as how “Alivelive” accesses, updates, controls, and protects such information. This Privacy Policy is closely related to the “Alivelive” service that you use. “Alivelive” hopes that you will read it carefully, and make the choices you deem appropriate in accordance with the guidelines of this Privacy Policy when necessary. “Alivelive” will try to explain to you the relevant technical terms involved in this Privacy Policy in a concise manner; links with further explanations are provided for your better understanding. Your use or continued use of “Alivelive” service is deemed to be your consent for “Alivelive” to collect, use, store and share your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you have any enquiries about this Privacy Policy or its related matters, please contact “Alivelive”.

If you do not agree to the content of this Privacy Policy, “Alivelive” software and its related services will not work properly and we will not be able to provide you with complete products and services. Hence, we urge you to stop using “Alivelive” software and its related services immediately. When you start using “Alivelive” software and its related services, it will be deemed to be your full understanding and consent to the entire content of this Privacy Policy. If you continue to use “Alivelive” software and its related services after we update this Privacy Policy (we will publish the updated version in “Alivelive” software and official website in time), it means that you are fully aware of the entire content of this Privacy Policy (including the updated version) and provide consent for us to collect, store, use, share, disclose and protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Relevant personal information (such as phone number, email address, etc.) provided to “Alivelive” when you register for a “Alivelive” account or use “Alivelive” service; the shared information that you provide to other parties through “Alivelive” service, and the information that you store when using “Alivelive” service.

“Alivelive” may collect, store and use the following information about you when providing service. If you do not provide the relevant information, you may not be able to register as a “Alivelive” user and enjoy some of the services provided by “Alivelive”, or even if “Alivelive” is able to provide you with some services, the desired effect of the services may not be achieved.

The scope and manner in which personal information may be collected

“Alivelive” may collect, store and use the following information about you when providing “Alivelive” software and its related services. If you do not provide the relevant information, you may not be able to register as a “Alivelive” user or enjoy certain services provided by the company, or the desired effect of the related services may not be achieved.

“Alivelive” may collect the following information when you use “Alivelive” service:

Technical information that may be automatically collected by the system when using “Alivelive” service, including: device or software information, such as your mobile device, web browser or configuration information provided by other programs that you use to access “Alivelive” service, your IP address, and the version and device ID used by your mobile device; information you search and browse while using “Alivelive” service, such as the web search terms that you use, the social media page addresses that you visit, and other information and content details that you browse or request while using “Alivelive” service; information about mobile apps and other software that you have used, and information about the mobile apps and software that you have used; information of your communication through “Alivelive” service, such as the communicated account, as well as the communication time, data and duration; the information contained in the content that you share through “Alivelive” service, such as the date, time, or location of the shared photo or video that you took or uploaded. Location information refers to information about your location collected by “Alivelive” when you turn on device location function and use location-based services provided by “Alivelive”, including: your location information collected by “Alivelive” through GPS or WiFi when you use “Alivelive” services on a mobile device with GPS function. Real-time information provided by you or other users that includes your geographic location (such as the information about your area included in the account information that you provide), as well as the shared information that you or other users upload that shows your current or previous geographic location (such as the geotag information included in photos shared by you or other users); you can stop “Alivelive” collection of your location information at any time by turning off your GPS function.  For the top 50 users of daily, weekly, monthly, all-time consumption and revenue, we will show them on the leaderboard; Leaderboards are only used to display user rankings, we do not save user information.

How “Alivelive” uses your information

When “Alivelive” provides services, the information is used for authentication, customer service, safety precaution, fraud monitoring, archival and backup purposes, in order to ensure the safety of the products and services that “Alivelive” provides to you; help “Alivelive” to design new services and improve existing “Alivelive” services; allow “Alivelive” to be more aware of how you access and use “Alivelive” services, so that we are able to respond specifically to your personalized needs, such as language setting, location setting, personalized help services and instructions, or make responses in other aspects to you and other users who use “Alivelive” services; provide you with ads that are more relevant to you to replace the general ads; assess and improve the effectiveness of ads and other promotional and marketing activities in “Alivelive” services. Software certification or management of software upgrades; allow you to participate in surveys on “Alivelive” products and services. In order to create a better experience for “Alivelive” users, as well as to improve “Alivelive” service or other purposes that you agree to, “Alivelive” may use the personal information collected by one of the “Alivelive” services in an aggregated or personalized manner for other services of “Alivelive”, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. For instance, your personal information collected while you use one of the “Alivelive” services may be used in another service to provide you with specific content or to show you information that is relevant to you, rather than generally conveyed information. If “Alivelive” provides the corresponding options in the relevant service, you can also take the initiative to ask “Alivelive” to use the personal information you provide and store in the service for other “Alivelive” services. The specific privacy policies of certain services will describe how “Alivelive” uses your information in such services more specifically.

How “Alivelive” share your information

Without your consent, “Alivelive” will not share your personal information with any third party: “Alivelive” may share your personal information with “Alivelive” affiliates, partners and third party service providers, contractors and agents for the following purposes: provide “Alivelive” service for you; achieve the purposes stated on how “Alivelive” uses the information section; fulfil “Alivelive” obligations in this Privacy Policy and the right to exercise “Alivelive” services; understand, maintain and improve “Alivelive” services. If “Alivelive” shares your personal information with any of the above-mentioned third parties, “Alivelive” will try its best to make sure that such third parties comply with this Privacy Policy and other relevant confidentiality and security measures that are required by “Alivelive” while using your personal information. “Alivelive” may also hold, save or disclose your personal information for the following reasons: to comply with applicable laws and regulations; to comply with court orders or other legal procedures; any reasonably necessary reasons for “Alivelive” to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to safeguard the public interest, or to protect the personal and property safety or legal rights of “Alivelive” clients, other users or employees.

How “Alivelive” accesses and controls your information

“Alivelive” will try its best to adopt appropriate technical measures to ensure that you can access, update and correct your registration information or other personal information that you provided when using “Alivelive” service. When accessing, updating, correcting and deleting your personal information, “Alivelive” may ask you to conduct identity authentication in order to keep your account secure.

How “Alivelive” holds, stores and protects your information

“Alivelive” will only hold your personal information for the period necessary for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and for the period required by laws and regulations. “Alivelive” adopts various security technologies and procedures to prevent information loss, misuse, unauthorized viewing or disclosure. For instance, in certain services, “Alivelive” will use encryption technology to protect the personal information you provide to “Alivelive”. However, please understand that due to technical limitations and limitation of risk prevention, “Alivelive” cannot always guarantee 100% of information safety, even if “Alivelive” has strengthened the security measures with the best of its ability. Please note that the system and communication network that you use to access “Alivelive” service may have problems due to circumstances that are not within the controllable range of “Alivelive”.

Tips regarding shared information

Multiple services of “Alivelive” allow you to share your information not only with your social network, but the relevant information is also shared with all users who use the service. For instance, information that you upload or post on “Alivelive” service (including your personal information that is disclosed), your response to information uploaded or posted by other users, as well as the location data and log information related to the aforementioned information. Other users who use “Alivelive” service may also share information related to you (including location data and log information). Specifically, “Alivelive” social media service is designed for you to share information with users all around the world, hence the shared information is delivered in real time and widely. The information will remain in the public domain as long as you do not delete the shared information; even if you delete the shared information, the information may still be cached, copied or stored independently by other users or non-affiliated third parties that are not controlled by “Alivelive”, or saved by other users or such third parties in the public domain. Therefore, please seriously consider the content of the information that you upload, post and exchange through “Alivelive” service. In some cases, you can control the range of users who can access to your shared information by configuring the privacy settings of certain “Alivelive” services. If you wish to delete your personal information from “Alivelive” service, please follow the instructions provided by the terms of the service.

Information “Alivelive” sent you

Push Information

When you use “Alivelive” service, “Alivelive” may use your information to send emails, news or push notifications to your device. If you do not want to receive such information, you can choose to cancel the ‘push’ function on your device by following the instructions in the email sent by “Alivelive”.

Service-Related Announcement

“Alivelive” may send service-related announcement to you when necessary (e.g. when “Alivelive” suspends a service due to system maintenance). You may not be able to cancel such announcements that are related to the service and that are not promotional in nature.

Age Limitation

“Alivelive” encourages parents or guardians to guide minors under the age of 18 while using “Alivelive” service. “Alivelive” advises minors to encourage their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy and suggests minors to seek parental or guardian consent and guidance before submitting personal information.

Third Party Services

Our services may include or link to social media or other services provided by third parties. For instance, you can share some content on our service using the “Share” button, or you can log in to our service using a third-party connection service. These features may collect your information (including your log information) and may insert cookies on your device in order to properly run the functions mentioned above;

We will provide links for you through advertisements or other means of our services and they enable you to access third-party services or websites.
Such third-party social media or other services may be operated by the relevant third parties or by us. Your use of such third-party social media services or other services (including any personal information that you provide to these third parties) is subject to the third parties’ own Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (instead of the General Terms of Service or this Privacy Policy), and you need to read the terms carefully. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to any information that we collect and does not apply to any third-party services or third-party’s rules for the use of information, and we do not assume any responsible for the use of the information provided by you by any third party.

Modification of this Privacy Policy

“Alivelive” may modify the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time and such modifications constitute part of this Privacy Policy. If such modification results in a substantial reduction of your rights under this Privacy Policy, “Alivelive” will inform you by posting a notification on an obvious location of the homepage, or by emailing you or otherwise notifying you before the modifications take effect. In such case, if you continue to use “Alivelive” service, you are deemed to agree to be bound by this revised Privacy Policy.

Last updated: January 2019

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